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Come Home to Your Body, Heart, and Spirit

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching for Change-Makers

Our bodies are not our enemies — they’re our greatest allies.
Our hearts aren’t naive or childish — they’re a guiding light toward joy.
And our greatest form of currency isn’t money — it’s energy.

When we’re fully connect to all three — body, heart, and spirit — the possibilities are limitless.

Especially for people like you: a creative, visionary, or change-maker with big dreams and an even bigger heart. You have all the wisdom and vitality inside you to live a full, vibrant, joyous life. You just need to reconnect with your inner self to make the transformation. And an experienced, attentive guide to help you in your journey.

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If you were looking at my business card or resume, you might see my title listed as “embodiment coach” or “holistic lifestyle coach.” But really, I’m a guide, helping you re-discover what’s already inside you — a well of energy and inspiration that perhaps has run dry as everyday stressors and exhaustion have worn down at your spirit.

When we work together, I’ll use deep listening, radical self care strategies, and my background in herbal medicine and nutrition to empower you to take your life in a whole new direction. Ready to begin?

Anna Matriotti (she/her)

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I know what it feels like to be a creative or visionary, like you, who’s constantly giving. But what happens when that well of creativity dries up? I’d love to help you find your energy again — the world needs it.


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