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Eating ‘healthy’ but still feeling tired, foggy and stressed?

Join a community of people who are ready for more.

While making big claims, many regimens actually work against your body using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Feel focused, energized and grounded using natural remedies: 

An 8-week group commitment for lasting results.

  • Are you doing everything ‘right’ but still feeling poorly?
  • Are you eating ‘healthy’ and wondering why your symptoms haven’t gone away?
  • Are you using sleeping pills to fall and stay asleep?
  • Are you using coffee to wake up, feel energized and focus?
  • Are you using alcohol, netflix binges and shopping to relax?

Become empowered to create transformation in your own life, no matter how long-held or persistent the destructive habit

We provide support, personalized guidance and a community to hold you accountable in our 8-week group program

Do you feel like you’re putting on weight, have low energy or fearful emotions around eating? Would you like to experience profound healing, create real change, and build lasting habits? You’re not alone, and you don’t have to feel alone either. This program is designed to give you the support you’ve been seeking to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with your body to create harmony within.

Most of us are in conflict with our bodies

And events from our past, habits and rituals continue to affect us today.

Even as children, the way people spoke about food taught us how to view it. And today, we can take ownership of our own lives. Get support, camaraderie, and accountability by joining a guided, personalized program. Join an exclusive circle (limited to 20 per cycle) of dedicated wellness seekers who provide mutual support to stay on track.

Learn to support your body and your body will support you! An 8-week group program for people who want to create real, transformative change which lasts.

Our 8-week group program helps people understand how their story impacts the way your body handles stress.

Get the tools you need to transform your life and the support to make it last. With weekly live coaching (60 minutes every Monday to start your week strong), weekly podcasts, healthy, delicious recipes, and a supportive community, we help you keep the promises you make to yourself and  set out on a path to ultimate wellness.

Who we are:

Anna uses a lifestyle-based, holistic approach to help you connect to your own medicine. She uses her deep bed of knowledge in herbal medicine, eating psychology, and the digestive tract to help people find the right steps for them. In this intensive 8-week group program, Anna brings together an exclusive, tight-knit group of 20 vetted members who are committed to changing their lives and views around eating.

How we help:

During the 8-week group program, you benefit from the support of helpful documents, recipes, podcasts, weekly live coaching, membership in our private Facebook group and email support. Most of these valuable resources are unique to this program – this is the only place you can get them.

The 8-Week Program: What’s included

  • A personalized plan to reclaim your body and vitality
  • A guided anti-inflammatory cleanse and sugar detox provided in a detailed, outline PDF written by Anna that you can reference at any time
  • A weekly podcast (20-25 minutes) rooted in functional nutrition, herbalism and mind/body medicine to inspire you to take back your health. Uploaded weekly to listen at your convenience.
  • Information and guidance on plants and foods to support deep nourishment and detoxification, provided in PDF handouts
  • Delicious and nutritious recipes in line with anti-inflammatory eating, provided weekly as a PDF handout.
  • Weekly, live group coaching (60 minutes) every Monday. Send us your questions beforehand to get answers live. Every coaching session is recorded, so you won’t miss out no matter your schedule.
  • Guided meditations in recorded format. Unique to this program, you can use these to help you center and connect with your body.
  • Daily practices or rituals which support your wellbeing. When you perform these alongside a dedicated group, you see the difference in yourself and others. 
  • Virtual support in our private Facebook group. Support others, get support and chat with other committed wellness seekers.

More than weight loss.

Although many members enjoy lasting weight loss, our 8-week program isn’t just about losing the extra lbs

Feel more comfortable in their own skin. Feeling energized and vital. Feeling ready to take on the day. These are some of the ways people talk about what they truly want. So what’s stopping us? Often, it’s us. Notwithstanding best intentions, we get in our own way. By joining a community of people with shared goals, you can get positive encouragement as you embark on a journey guided by a leader in holistic medicine.

What makes us different.

Personalized, holistic support

For some of our members, our 8-week program is their first exposure to a multi-layered approach to health. Using traditional herbalism, we help you create daily rituals and practices of self care. By peeling back the layers in the way of your internal wellness, you gain the ability to identify which parts of your life need attention and care. Combining the big picture with the small details, we help you create a personalized roadmap to get from where you are, to where you want. Get help and guidance connecting more deeply with your story, body and desire.


  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by a symptom which has persistently made life difficult for some time. You’ve tried traditional health care and your own solutions without success. You envision your life without this symptom and can imagine how much your life may change without it.
  • You are looking for a non-traditional solution to alleviate your symptom without dangerous or unpleasant side effects. You are excited to get access to many different solutions and find what works for you.
  • You understand that everyone’s body is different and are ready to educate yourself about health to connect with your own medicine! You’re looking forward to getting clear, personalized step-by-step instructions you can start using right away to improve your daily mood, energy and stamina.

Participants experience real results…

“I started Anna’s course to promote and facilitate gut health with hope yet a mild skepticism. Having dealt with food allergies most of my life I already had a fairly restricted diet. Even so, I’ve spent most of my life feeling bloated and un-energized after eating. Starting the course was a difficult step, especially because of the more extensive diet restrictions. However, it is no exaggeration when I say that by week 4 I felt like I had a new body. I experienced energy I hadn’t felt since I was a child. My permanently churning, complaining stomach quieted down into calm. I used to keep “back up” food in my purse, fanatically, for the certain blood sugar and energy drop, but that need disappeared, along with my sugar cravings.

The course is structured in a way to make this shift into life-giving health possible. Anna explains why we are doing what we are doing, and gives your bite-sized pieces to assimilate into your life. I simply had to follow her, leaning heavily on her insight, knowledge, and well-laid road map into a new stage of health. Anna provides compassionate, encouraging guidance in her modules, and remained available for us the entire duration of the course. I felt like part of a community seeking health and led by a wise maven.

Because of Anna’s focus in the course, I didn’t just experience improved energy and a new found ease in my body. Anna made space for us to establish a new connection with our body, and a new way of hearing and respecting it’s movements and messages. I was able to identify areas where I felt completely detached from my body. Anna gently gave space to explore these experiences and lead me back into a more loving relationship with myself.

I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to experience first-hand a life-altering way of being in your body. Because of my experience in Anna’s course, not just my bodily health but my entire life was infused with a new energy and optimism. I am grateful and will take these gifts with me far into the future.” -Katie


In our program, you’re not just a number. You’re one of only 20 wellness seekers who have made a firm commitment to the shared goal of making tiny, doable promises to themselves over the course of 8 weeks. Positive encouragement and cheerleading is provided by an enthusiastic group of your fellow members through our private Facebook group, plus live coaching sessions every Monday. Be apart of a supportive and inspirational community with similar goals and passionate effort to make big changes in their lives. This is exactly what you’ve been looking for to finally get to know your body on a deeper, more intimate level so that you can solidify a strong foundation that brings harmony to your being. 



Q: Are there payment plans?

A: Yes! Go to the payment page to see your options.

Q: How do I qualify to join?

A: If you’re interested, your next step is to get on a quick screening chat with Anna.

Q: Why are groups limited to 20 members?

A: Keeping the groups exclusive to 20 members per 8-week program allows Anna to provide personalized support and guidance to each member. It also gives members the opportunity to offer support to each of their fellow members.

Let’s hear more from the participants…

“Anna provided me an experience of profound healing and personal insights in allowing me to be a part of her first gut healing group. Not only are there profound changes on a physical level when you remove anti-inflammatory foods, as you begin to adjust to the new ways of eating, of slowing down, of digesting, deeper connections and held beliefs and experiences surrounding food can gently be brought to the level of consciousness.

For me, this meant safely experiencing through the support of the group and Anna’s wisdom, how certain foods and eating patterns were connected to personal traumas and feelings of self-worth, and that certain less healthy foods and be triggers of past trauma. It also allowed me to explore in a safe community my deeper cravings beyond food. Thus, I have left this experience knowing that I need to be gentle with myself with the personal information I received, slowly integrating the experience I had that food can be incredibly healing of body, mind, spirit, and emotions.” – Sarah