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Everything is Connected


My Story: How I Learned To Live With Energy and Grace

I used to be one of those people who was always sick. I had headaches, migraines, hives, chronic sinus inflammation and digestive trouble. Add years of accumulated life stress and traumas and my body was really yelling for help. I wasn’t sleeping well, barely had enough energy to get through the day and my studies, and felt at times like I was going CRAZY. I knew something was wrong, that I wanted more from life and something needed to change.

I had seen so many doctors who offered prescriptions that only treated the symptoms and never seemed to fix anything. I was interested in medicinal herbs and healthy eating, and believed that there must be a way to feel better but didn’t know where to begin.

It wasn’t until I saw a doctor of Chinese Medicine who felt my pulse and asked “are you aware that you have a lot of anxiety?” that I began to realize there was so much happening in my body that I was disconnected from.

It was a wake-up call.

I started studying herbal medicine and from there began my journey in earnest. Herbal Medicine allowed me to experience my body as place of possibility, plants helped me connect to myself in a way that was profoundly life altering, I began to see that I COULD feel better and that this was my natural state and birthright.

Even though, like everybody, I am a work-in-progress, I now feel more grounded and able to access my energy and connect to my heart.

And as a bonus I rarely get sick anymore!

My journey has evolved to include deep practices of movement and mindfulness, which has deepened my experience of embodiment and made life so much more joyful.

As a mother of four, I’ve also learned a lot about building resilience both emotionally and physically in order to be present with my family and help us all deal with life’s challenges, big and small.

I am blessed to be able to spend my time actively pursuing the things that bring me alive, and this includes my work of helping others.  It is my privilege to walk with you as you undertake your own healing journey and discover the full potency of your energy and brilliance.

My Work

Everything is connected. What you eat, the way you move, and how you show up as a person in this world. But with all the pressures of modern life it’s easy to become overwhelmed and feel that your health is beyond your control. It isn’t. There is a different way through.

As an herbalist and wellness coach, I guide my clients in making informed, sustainable changes to their diets and lifestyles so they can reclaim their vitality and pursue their dreams and passions fully.

I’m a certified nutritional therapy practitioner, a certified eating psychology coach, and a clinical herbalist. I’m also a restorative wellness practitioner, which means I’ve been trained to interpret functional tests that can help you understand which parts of your body are showing signs of stress and are in need of the most support.

Tackling our health challenges involves much more than “eating right.”

It means confronting the places where we have not cared well for ourselves, and all the places we were not cared for by others. When we begin to see the connections between our health challenges and our way of being in the world, we can begin to turn the tide.


Anna Matriotti
Founder of White Hawthorn Holistic

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