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8 Week Group Program

In this eight week group program, goes deep into what is holding you back from the energy and vitality you crave. We will work to change core habits around the way you care and nourish yourself. It is a whole body reset. Eight weeks that will shift your relationship to your body and health forever. You’ll learn what creates abundant energy, clarity, and a soulful directed life. This is not your everyday health course. This is a wake up to all that is possible for you and your body.

This eight week program includes:


  • A group Facebook page for ongoing community support
  • A weekly pre-recorded lesson from Anna, and exercises for the week
  • A foundational approaching to whole body healing
  • A Six week sugar detox and gut healing protocol
  • Mind/Body/Spirit supportive herbal recommendations
  • Unlimited email access to Anna
  • An in-person closing weekend to celebrate


You will learn:


  • How blood sugar issues puts our body in fight or flight response, which makes it hard for the body to receive both nutrients and pleasure.
  • How excess sugar leads to inflammatory conditions
  • Why working with leaky gut changes energy creation
  • How to strengthen internal membranes and in turn strengthen of our energy system, knowing, and gather our vitality
  • Ways to use herbal medicine to energize and heal
  • How to create habits and practices that create lasting change


Email me to schedule a session or you can reach me by phone at  (206) 366-5993

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