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Self Care That Wakes You Up and Turns You On

12-Week Self Care Program for Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Change Makers

You’ve heard of self care. And you know you need it — you’re desperately wanting a reprieve from the demands of juggling your multiple passions and responsibilities. But is a bubble bath or self-help book really going to fix it?

It’s time to invest in true, radical self care.

Radical self care stokes the fire of your desires — things you’ve always known to be true, but have long forgotten in the face of everyday stressors.

Radical self care wakes up your unconscious mind to understand and make peace with your own flavor of self sabotage.

 Radical self care enables you to change the world. It quiets the chaos and gives you space to create — your art, your business, your family, your legacy. It empowers you to embrace the beauty of the present — both the rain, and the rainbows. It energizes you to build a life that fulfills your wildest ambitions.

It’s the root of all the good in your life. And it starts within.


Rooted: Radical Self Care for Body, Mind, and Heart

Next Session, TBD. 

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What’s Included

  • 12 weeks of deep self care spanning the body, mind, and heart
  • 7 live 90-minute Zoom calls
  • Monthly mailed care packages including herbs and other gifts to guide your self care
  • A 21-day Ayurvedic whole body detox to cleanse your liver and activate your true energy
  • Support from an intimate group of peers embarking on the same health journey, including virtual support in an online community forum
  • Guided meditations on each live call to support your mind, body and spirit
  • Journal prompts to center your thinking


“My experience in Anna’s group program was absolutely incredible for my mind, spirit, and most importantly, my body! Before I started the course I was feeling so unhappy and drained. I knew I needed proper guidance as well as a community. In Anna’s group program, I got exactly that and more.”

The Lessons

‘Rooted’ is a 12-week journey organized into four, three-week modules each on a specific topic.

Module 1: The Stories In Our Bones

  • Taking an inventory of your desires and needs
  • Embracing your bioindividuality through an understanding of the elements and your own unique physiology
  • Identifying core wounds and patterns of self-abandonment

Module 2: Breaking the Sabotage Cycles

  • Exploring your shadow side, and identifying and befriending your unconscious
  • Creating grounding practices for the body to unleash your hidden fire
  • Tending fear and shame to find aliveness, freedom and stability

Module 3: Detoxing What Does Not Serve

  • 21-day Ayurvedic detox to bring the body into optimal balance. Heal digestion, increase energy and stoke your fire
  • Prioritize your desire to cultivate trust with your intuition
  • Apprenticing pleasure and opening your capacity to receive big

Module 4: Tending What is Tender

  • Tracking your menstrual cycle, its congruence with the larger seasonal cycles, and harnessing their power for planning and creating
  • Tending to pain and longing by creating sacred spaces for heartache, grit, and grief
  • Practicing your practice: building resilience with levity and play

“A master of time and feminine divinity, this program taught me I don’t need to live by a male Gregorian calendar. I am freer than I was before. Anna’s work is a mix of Icarus and Rapunzel- mythology for the soul.”


About Your Coach

My life’s work is learning to live in between.

I’ve followed expectations: I went to a big university, worked a corporate job, and numbed my pain with busyness. I’ve also defied them: I immersed myself in the world of holistic healthcare, received my functional nutrition certification, and embraced my body as my temple.

I was on a desperate quest for fulfillment, and found that true healing always lies in the middle. Blending a superfood smoothie because it feels delicious is just as nourishing as smoking a cigarette at your high school reunion because it feels nostalgic. Both can be true when you’re awake to your life.

So, my dear friend — what’s the in between for you? It took me decades to find mine, but that doesn’t have to be your journey. Let me show you how.

Anna Matriotti

Let me Quench Your Curiosity

When does Rooted begin? How long does it last?

Rooted is a 12-week program offered twice per year. The next group will be TBD. EMAIL ME to get notified of the program dates.

Who is Rooted for?

If you’re a big-hearted entrepreneur, creative, or change-maker who is too busy birthing spectacular ideas into the world to slow down and fill your own cup, Rooted was designed for you. You don’t need to be spiritual or “woo woo” to embark on a radical self care journey; you just need to know that your current state of constantly creating is weighing down on you, you want a solution that feels easy and nourishing, and you’re open to exploring what that could look like for you.

Tell me about the small group aspect of the program?

Rooted was specifically designed as a small group program mainly because, as humans, we are social beings who crave connection. As an intimate, curated group experience, we’re creating a container of support for each participant that’s shouldered by every member of the group. My hope is that the group environment shatters the illusion that each of us can “do it alone.”

What will I learn in Rooted?

Rooted is split into four modules. Module 1 is about deep self-understanding, your energetic and soul DNA, because you can’t move toward a brighter future if you don’t understand your past. We’ll connect with the roots of who you are so you can have clarity as you begin this self care journey. Module 2 is about discovering the wisdom of self-sabotage. By understanding these patterns that are holding you back, you can harness them to propel you forward. Module 3 is body-focused, and will center on an emotional and physical cleanse that will lead to a full-body awakening. You’ll be able to think at a higher level, stabilize your mood, and step into yourself more fully after this module is complete. Module 4 will help you see and understand all the seasons of your life and give you a reliable system to move through them more joyfully, even when they’re difficult or full of grief. You’ll gain a sense of feeling carried through challenges, instead of feeling stuck.

What are the care packages?

Rooted participants will receive three care packages in the mail throughout the program. These special packages will include everything you need to physically connect with your self care journey, including hard-to-find, artisanal herbal supplements and tinctures, specialty oils, and tools. It’s a $400 value that I’m incorporating into the program because I truly believe that you are such a giver — with your time, talent, and ideas — and it’s time to receive for a change. I hope this helps lessen your load.

I'm interested in the program, but I'm not sure I can afford it. Can you help?

Absolutely. I believe health should be accessible, so there are two payment plan options for Rooted participants. You can select the best payment plan for you at check out. I’m also pleased to offer scholarships to those who are ready to commit to the deep self healing that we’ll discover in Rooted, but aren’t financially able to participate. If you’re interested in a scholarship, or you’d like to nominate someone else, please contact me at Anna@whholistic.com

I have another question

Excellent! I love your sense of curiosity. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions via email, or call or text

Let’s Dig Deep

Life is as radiant as it is chaotic, and you were built to handle all of it. Perhaps you just lost your natural intuition a bit along the way. That’s what Rooted is all about: rediscovering the core of who you are so that you can live your best, most fulfilled life. Let’s dig in.

Program Investment

One Payment


Four Payments of $347


Email me to get notified for program dates.
I look forward to working together!

(*consultations are not designed for treating disease or as medical advice)