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8 Week Group Program: Whole Body Reset

March 22, 2021

 Are you ready to give your body and mind a fresh start and shake off 2020 without the overwherwhelm of doing it alone? Let’s do it together.

Join me in a six week Whole Body Cleanse and RESET.

It’s time to come back to your body and clear the way for all that you want to create in your life.

2020 was HARD. We all have experienced so much since last March, (holy smokes) and this is an opportunity to reflect on where we have been, let go, and begin to rebuild in a way that is deeply nourishing.

Change is hard, but together, with support, it is easier, more fun, the load is lighter. We will work to change core habits- life patterns- and find our way back into balance.

This is an invitation to uncover what is dragging you down and to let go of the accumulation of stress and overwhelm that your body has been holding this last year.

This six week group program, goes deep into what is holding you back from the energy and vitality you crave. We will work to change core habits around the way you care and nourish yourself. It is a whole body reset. Six weeks that will shift your relationship to your body and health forever. You’ll learn what creates abundant energy, clarity, and a soulful directed life. This is not your everyday health course. This is a wake up to all that is possible for you and your body.

This six week program includes:

  • A foundational approaching to whole body healing
  • A four week nourishing elimination plan which includes a 21 day liver cleanse and gut healing protocol
  • Weekly live coaching call
  • A weekly pre-recorded lesson and food outline
  • Supportive herbal recommendations to aid you in your journey

You will learn:

  • What is draining your energy and how to stop the drain
  • A critical method for breaking the cycle of behaviors that sabotage your health
  • How to strengthen our boundaries and what herbs really help us do this
  • Why working with the gut changes EVERYTHING
  • How blood sugar issues puts our body in fight or flight response, which makes it hard for the body to receive both nutrients and pleasure
  • What herbs support us in stabilizing and dealing with stress
  • How to build habits and practices that are JOYFUL and create lasting change
Kick off date: March 22, 2021
Option 1 Investment: $395
  • Includes a live weekly coaching call on every Monday from 6pm-7pm where you get support in real time

 Option 2 Investment: $595

    • Add a 90 minute 1-1 session where we will look at your current health and constitution and put together a plan of what specific herbs will support you on this six week journey. This is especially good for anyone with an ongoing chronic health issues or deeper health concern.
    • This is especially good for anyone with more chronic health issues or concerns.

    Email me if you have any questions about this six program

    (*consultations are not designed for treating disease or as medical advice)