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It takes courage to tend to our bodies. To care for them and listen to what they are trying to tell us. Until that happens? We use coffee to focus us, food to ground us and alcohol to help us unwind. Or we keep busy so that we don’t have to slow down and feel our exhaustion. Or, lost in a sea of information and assaulted by the allurement of the “perfect” diet, our health becomes just another thing that stresses us out. This leaves us with discomfort, pain, and a sense of being ill at ease in our own skin.

This is no way to live.

Solutions to Sustain and Nourish You

Most of us are fighting with ourselves around food and self-care. What we are truly seeking is a quality of receiving, of transformation, vitality, and embodiment, rather than a band-aid solution to symptoms.
We want to move from a place where our energy and vitality are leaking out in all directions, to being cohesive and gathering in, and creating a fundamentally different relationship with our body, life, and energy.

It is hard work,
but you are profoundly capable.
You were built for this.

Working with me, you will:
Learn the language of your body and have it as your north star and best companion.
Clear the muddy waters around what is affecting your energy.
• Lose the weight: whether it’s physical weight, mental or emotional/spiritual, you will find a clear path towards lightness and freedom.
Reset, get down to ground zero to build a rich and strong ritual of care of deep nourishment, so you can let go of the feeling of depletion and build resilience.
Work with your body to understand where your energy is going, learn how to gather your vitality, and have sovereignty in your health.
Connect to your body’s inner knowing. Learn an intuitive approach to nutrition and herbal medicine.
Work with your body to understand where your energy is going, learn how to gather your vitality, and have sovereignty in your health.
• Gain confidence around navigating the craziness of all the different health trends and ideas.
Get clear on strategic ways to work with energy, vitality, stress resistance, digestion, blood sugar regulation, and hormones.
Learn embodiment: a way of being in your body that allows you to more fully receive in your life and to be in a space of flow.
• Get grounded. Have your feet not only on the earth but literally be able to be in your body.
My programs are for you if:
You have dreams, desires, and visions, and you want to have stamina and a resilient quality of being able to feel grounded in what you are creating.
You feel like you’re doing all the things, but you feel disconnected from your body, so you’re not fully enjoying what you’re doing.
You want to build resilience and energy to maximize your full potential and be out in the world creating.
You are experiencing  fatigue, or are dealing with blood sugar issues, digestive symptoms, sleep disturbances, or an autoimmune disease.

Setting the Course

I work with clients in single sessions and a six-month programs designed to meet you where you are and empower you to take your health back into your own hands.

Introductory session: renew your commitment to self-care and nourishment

In this session we will figure out which areas need the most support and design a custom plan that will empower you in your health journey.  This option is for anyone who needs some guidance and insight into what might be the underlying factors contributing to fatigue or other health challenges.

This is a way to connect the dots around what might be linked to your most persistent health challenges and set a plan for a new beginning.

I work with a limited number of clients one-on-one for those that are highly motivated and have a deep desire to step-up and take their health and life in a whole new direction. Click here to schedule a discovery session so we can explore what it could look like to work together:
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or Email me to schedule a session or you can reach me by phone at  (206) 366-5993

8 Week Group Program

In this eight week group program, goes deep into what is holding you back from the energy and vitality you crave. We will work to change core habits around the way you care and nourish yourself. It is a whole body reset. Eight weeks that will shift your relationship to your body and health forever. You’ll learn what creates abundant energy, clarity, and a soulful directed life. This is not your everyday health course. This is a wake up to all that is possible for you and your body.
This eight week program includes:

  • A group Facebook page for ongoing community support
  • A weekly pre-recorded lesson from Anna, and exercises for the week
  • A foundational approaching to whole body healing
  • A Six week sugar detox and gut healing protocol
  • Mind/Body/Spirit supportive herbal recommendations
  • Unlimited email access to Anna
  • An in-person closing weekend to celebrate

You will learn:


  • How blood sugar issues puts our body in fight or flight response, which makes it hard for the body to receive both nutrients and pleasure.
  • How excess sugar leads to inflammatory conditions
  • Why working with leaky gut changes energy creation
  • How to strengthen internal membranes and in turn strengthen of our energy system, knowing, and gather our vitality
  • Ways to use herbal medicine to energize and heal
  • How to create habits and practices that create lasting change


Email me to schedule a session or you can reach me by phone at  (206) 366-5993

Six-month program: revisioning and reclaiming vitality

We will create a powerful container working together over the course of 6 months so that you get the support you need to make the big shifts.  This a fully supportive program and you will feel how profound it is to commit to yourself at this level.

Includes TEN 1-1 sessions, ongoing email support for duration of six months and phone check-ins as needed, as well as:

  • In-depth assessment and functional testing (cost of testing is not included)
  • 6-month game plan
  • Monthly goals and exercises
  • Weekly consult with Anna
  • Unlimited email access to Anna
  • Custom meal guidance based on constitution and test results
  • Custom herbal formulations(*cost of herbal formulas and supplements is not included- maybe we want to put this at the end of the whole offering rather than after each line?)
  • Create new lifestyle patterns and habits for sustained results


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Email me to schedule a session or you can reach me by phone at  (206) 366-5993

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Community Workshops & Small Groups
I also teach community workshops and run small groups where you get the benefit and support of being with others who are embarking on a similar journey of transformation: click here to get on the email list so that you can hear about upcoming events, or call to find out about current offerings, I would love to hear from you!
Email me to schedule a session or you can reach me by phone at  (206) 366-5993